Technology and software development consultancy
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Our values and principles

Life is rarely a case of black and white but in some cases we think that there is definitely a correct, honest way of doing things and then the 'other' way. We're against surveillance capitalism, we're against exploitative business models and we don't accept that the only thing that matters is profit.

When it comes to Speckled Banana most of our decisions are driven by three beliefs:

  1. That the biggest challenge of our times is the climate crisis and that all organisations should take meaningful steps to mitigate their own impact.
  2. That you should be entitled to just as much privacy in the digital world as you are in the physical.
  3. That honesty is an asset and builds trust. We don't bullshit 💩.

In Practice

Not compromising on our values mean that we won't take on certain types of projects or clients.

Clients We Won't Work With

Projects We Won't Take On

How We Operate

Privacy Friendly Alternatives

Below you'll find privacy friendly alternatives to some commonly used services. We'll add to this list over time.

Google Analytics ➡️ Plausible
➡️ Fathom
Gmail ➡️ Proton Mail
Google Fonts ➡️ Bunny Fonts